01. We will begin [unit] four in the grammar text on Monday.
02. The patient received four [units] of blood during the operation.
03. She has been working in the marketing [unit] for over a year now.
04. He always gets confused when trying to convert between metric and imperial [units] of measurement.
05. Your grandfather's [unit] suffered terrible losses in the Second World War.
06. We bought a cool little [unit] that allows us to play CDs through the cassette player in our car.
07. The sales [unit] has been doing an excellent job this year.
08. The family [unit] in North America typically consists of two parents and one or two children.
09. The chief monetary [unit] of Japan is the yen.
10. Female soldiers attached to the [unit] do not take part in combat.
11. Astronomers use the average distance from our planet to the sun as a [unit] of distance.
12. The [unit] of life on earth is the cell.
13. The atom was once believed to be the smallest [unit] of matter in our universe.
14. The soldiers rejoined their [unit] after a couple of days of rest.
15. Each [unit] in the book includes exercises to practice new vocabulary.
16. The doctor is in the pediatric [unit] dealing with a patient right now.
17. Female elephants live in family [units] of about two to four related females and their young.
18. To increase profits, I suggest we reduce our [unit] price in order to sell a greater volume of product.
19. The President is constantly guarded by a specially trained [unit] of soldiers.
20. In 1900, the British Army began using a mobile x-ray [unit] to treat wounded soldiers in the Sudan.
21. Certain kinds of whales live in extended family [units] that stay together for life.
22. Ruth Anshen observed that even as the cell is the [unit] of the organic body, so the family is the [unit] of society.
23. Ogden Nash once wrote that a family is a [unit] composed not only of children but of men, women, an occasional animal, and the common cold.
24. Marianne Niefert once stated that the family is both the fundamental [unit] of society as well as the root of culture.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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